School Day & General Information

Our School Day 
8.50am Bell is rung children line up on playground
8.55am Registration
9am - 10.40am Lessons
10.40am - 10.55am Break
10.55am - 12noon Lessons
12noon - 1pm Lunchtime
1pm - 3pm Lessons
3pm End of school
General Information
Late arrival at school
Being at school every day and on time is really important to a child’s learning, we expect children to be on time every day.  The school gates are open from 8.45am and providing there is a member of staff on the playground children can be left waiting for the bell which is rung at 8.50am, at which point children line up in their classes and are led into class by their Teacher/Teaching Assistant  ready for registration at 8.55am.  Children who arrive at school after 8.55am must enter via the school office where parent/carers will need to sign the late book, stating the reason for being late.  A member of the school office will escort your child to class.
Need to speak to a class teacher?
If you need to speak to your child's class teacher, please see them at the end of the school day.  If the message is more urgent then it can be sent to them via the school office.  Alternatively, you can make an appointment to see your class teacher at a mutually convenient time, again this will need to be booked via the school office.
Medical Appointments
We ask parents to make medical appointments outside the school day wherever possible. If children do have to go out of school during the school day then they must be signed in and out at the school office. When appointments are in the middle of the day a child should come to school before the appointment and come back to school afterwards.
Jewellery and make-up
The only jewellery allowed to be worn at school are watches and studs for ear-rings, hoops and dangling ear-rings are not allowed due to health and safety rules.  If ear-rings are worn they must be removed for PE and swimming lessons.  Make-up, including nail varnish, should not be worn at school.
School Meals
School meals are provided by County Catering and are cooked on the premises, alternatively children may bring a packed lunch, the children are supervised by lunchtime supervisors whilst eating and afterwards on the playground until 1pm when lunchtime ends.  Milk and fruit are provided for Early Years and KS1 children.